S1 E6: Scoville Ban Level: Spicy!

October 29, 2021

(AKA The one where we talk about Standard)

This episode we discuss the recently released Standard Banlist 21.10 ( and upcoming NISEI Worlds in November (! At the end we return to Startup.

And Nate never did share that Steve decklist…

1:20 - Runner Discussion

9:42 - Corp Discussion

**Please note: These bans only apply to the Standard format, not Startup**

28:45 – Our thoughts on Banlists and NISEI’s approach

34:00 - Worlds 2021 Schedule (November 19-21, 2021)

37:30 – Green Level Cleareances’ Startup Tournament

Check out Ätsch’s Youtube channel! He’s got a growing list of game play analysis from his startup games. He should be adding more learn to play videos soon, especially once Borealis is released.






Intro Music: “Shake It Up”, by Fesliyan Studios ( Background Music

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