S1 E7: All I want for Scoopsmas is… PHIL!

December 16, 2021




This episode we're joined by a special guest Phil, 0thmxma, the host of the Shadow Net Podcast (

Together the three of us discuss Worlds 2021, muse on the banlists that helped shape the Worlds meta, an upcoming special NISEI format, Random Access Memories (, and what we hope might appear in the upcoming Borealis set!



3:47 - Banlist discussion

17:10 - Worlds 2021 Meta discussion - Results and VODs can be found here! (

29:34 - Random Access Memories - Inaugural Tournament is on December 18th, 2021!

41:00 - What we hope appears in the upcoming Borealis Set.

1:08:00 - Shadow Net's 2021 Holiday Bake-off! (


Intro Music: “Shake It Up”, by Fesliyan Studios ( Background Music

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