S2 E4: Ashes to Ashes: An eD_UKation

May 20, 2022




This week we’re joined by a special guest, Ed, the mod-min of the Green Level Clearance Discord. We cover a wide variety of topics: philosophy, Netrunner (plus Netrunner fan Fiction), mental health and ways we can help each other. Oh and curry, don’t forget the curry.


We’re almost too late, but you have 24 hours left to sign-up for the Ashes to Ashes Startup tournament (registration closes at May 21st, 2022 at 11:30PM PST, 6:30AM UTC). This is an asynchronous tournament played online (, organized on the Green Level Clearance Discord. Special thanks to Shruthless, who's been instrumental in making this event possible. Details below:

Join the GLC Discord server here:

Sign up here:

ABR link:



05:25 – Philosophy & GLC Moderation

17:15 – Netrunner Themes & Other Fiction

25:26 – GLC Mental Health Channel

33:00  - Ashes to Ashes Startup Tournament

43:07 – Playtesting for NISEI

57:55 – Cards we are excited to see rotate out of the Startup

01:06:53 – Mmmm, Curry


Intro Music: “Shake It Up”, by Fesliyan Studios ( Background Music

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