S2 E6: Scoopsmas in July: Startup, Spoilers and Speculation

July 14, 2022

This month Nate and Steve open their episode with a chat about the recently announced Startup changes and discuss our thoughts on the evolution of the format. Afterwards we speculate on what the HB identity might be in Parhelion, the second half of the Borealis cycle.



Oh, you’re here for Midnight Sun HB spoilers?! We got those too! Thank you NISEI for letting us participate in spoiler season this year and allowing us to announce these cool scoops. EDIT: The images of our spoilers are now in the show notes, enjoy. Make sure to check out other content creators and NISEI spoilers in the coming days. The spoiler schedule can be found here (

Finally, special thanks to manveruppd, NISEI's content creator coordinator, for answering all our questions and helping us through our first spoiler season.


Startup Rotation Announcement (

  • 00:55 - Announcement Discussion
  • 06:21 - Our Thoughts on the change

Midnight Sun HB Spoilers!

29:48 - HB ID Speculation

Intro Music: “Shake It Up”, by Fesliyan Studios ( Background Music

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